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Our October 2018 production will be...
King Charles III
By Mike Bartlett
King Charles III
Directed by Jonathan Marks.
At The Lancaster Theatre, Wycombe Abbey School,
on the 25th, 26th & 27th October 2018 at 7:45pm
The Queen is dead. After a lifetime of waiting, Prince Charles ascends the throne with Camilla by his side. As William, Kate and Harry look on, Charles prepares for the future of power that lies before him…but how to rule? Written primarily in Shakespearean blank verse, this modern future history play by Mike Bartlett explores the people underneath the crowns, the unwritten rules of Britain's democracy and the conscience of its most famous family.

This play was first performed at the Almeida Theatre in 2014 and has only recently become available to non-professionals. It won the Olivier award for best new play in 2015 as well as the South Bank Sky Arts Award for Best Theatre Production. Alongside this, it received another 13 nominations for cast and direction here and on Broadway. It is written by Mike Bartlett and is written in blank verse. It's described as "A future history play" and explores the people beneath the crowns, the unwritten rules of our democracy and the conscience of Britain's most famous family. The Times said of it, 'Bold, brilliant and unstoppably entertaining… an intelligent, empathetic, moving look at the power and limitations of the modern monarchy… theatre doesn't get much better than this'.

When this play premiered in the West End in 2014, the critics loved it - ***** 'Best new play of the year. Theatre doesn't get much better than this', said The Times.

This production is supported by Wycombe District Council. It's an amateur production by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

Our February 2019 production will be...
Whose Life Is It Anyway?
By Brian Clark
Whose Life Is It Anyway
Directed by Rick Butler.
At The Lancaster Theatre, Wycombe Abbey School
on 21st, 22nd, 23rd February 2019 at 8:00pm
Ken Harrison is a well-known and respected sculptor, until a terrible car accident leaves him a paraplegic; only his brain functions normally. His once positive outlook descends into depression as he comes to grips with the loss of his independence and his art. Even as he develops a relationship with Clare Scott, his doctor, he is being kept alive by the miracles of medicine, but all he wants to do is end his life. He could achieve this by discharging himself from hospital but being wholly helpless has to gain the authorities' consent. His Consultant, Dr Emerson, vows to keep Ken alive -- while Ken's lawyer fights for his right to die.
This thought-provoking play explores issues that are as relevant today as when it was first staged in 1978. Set in a hospital room, Clark presents arguments both in favour of and opposing euthanasia and to what extent government should be allowed to interfere in the life of a private citizen. In portraying Ken as an intelligent man with a useless body, he leaves us with conflicting feelings about his desire to end his life.
It won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play.

This production is supported by Wycombe District Council.
Auditions will be held at 8:00pm on
Mon 29th October, Thurs 1st November and Mon 5th November 2018
at the Wesley Methodist Church Hall, Priory Road, High Wycombe HP11 1SX

And looking further ahead, our May 2019 production will be...
Much Ado About Nothing
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Ros Curtis
An open-air production presented at Pipers Corner School
on 16, 17, 18, (2 performances), and 22, 23, 24, 25, May 2019.
Much Ado About Nothing is an offbeat comedy; a commentary on the battle of the sexes, and a lesson in flirting to boot. Its the story of young love in all its blind passion and of a more mature love built on self-respect between a pair so well matched in intellect that they can recognise themselves in one another. Beatrice is a woman of today; and Benedick has lessons for young men too.
Auditions for Much Ado About Nothing will be on
Sunday 6th January at 2pm, Monday 7th January & Monday 14th January 2019 at 8pm
at the Wesley Methodist Church Hall, Priory Road, High Wycombe HP11 1SX

Please see Diary Dates for information on rehearsals and production meetings.
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